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The SoundFreqs team provides the talent, experience and passion you need to elevate your projects to a whole new level of awesome. Enjoy using some of the hottest sounds on the scene today, with the guidance of the pros who made them!


We’ve built this website with the latest technologies and connected it directly to the most popular online networks, so you can get what you need quickly and get back to producing without missing a beat. Shopping for professional sounds online has never been easier!


We deliver the sounds you really want to make the music you’ve always dreamed of. Tell us what you want and we’ll make it! Submit the projects you’ve used our sounds in to be be featured in our Artist Spotlight!


While others are concerned about protecting their trade secrets from the competition, we share how our sounds are made and how to use them. We want you to know, so you can continue to improve and evolve your music. Stay connected and never miss a single tip!

Our sounds are designed to fit perfectly across an incredibly wide range of musical genres!


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Spectral Sunset Retro

We’ve crafted a broad spectrum of examples to showcase our sounds in action and will continue to share more, long after we release them into the wild for you to enjoy. We do this because our sounds are designed to last the test of time. And because we love using them ourselves.

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Artist Spotlight

Users from all over the world submit music they have made with our sounds and we proudly feature them here in our Artist Spotlight program. Community comes first with SoundFreqs, so enjoy the tunes and be sure to leave a comment or two for the artists behind it all.

Tune-in to our tutorials to get the most out of our sounds and to learn more about professional music production from people who care.

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There is no end to what we will explore together.


We welcome and encourage you to become an active participant in the SoundFreqs community. Please leave comments, share our tutorials, share the music produced by the talented artists throughout the community, provide feedback on products and join the ongoing conversations across the various social networks we are a part of.

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