Lesson 15 digs into the Master Voice Controls inside Alchemy.

People often have lots of questions about the Master Voice Controls, but it’s actually pretty simple.

After you finish this lesson on the Master Voice Controls in Alchemy, you will understand:

  • 0:10 Volume (and it’s default modulators)
  • 0:50 Panning, Coarse & Fine tuning (and ideas for when you’d want to use them)
  • 2:08 Adding an LFO modulator to tuning knob (Instant vibrato!)
  • 2:32 “Voices” settings
  • 3:42 Demystifying the “Priority” of Voices
  • 4:45 Creating and using “Legato Groups”
  • 6:28 Retrigger Mode
  • 7:24 Legato Mode (vs “Always” mode)
  • 7:54 Properly setting Pitch Bend
  • 9:10 Glide & “Rate” vs “Time” modes
  • 10:40 A quick tip on when to tweak these settings (and how they affect the emotion of your melody)

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