MSEG modulation is one of the most powerful and flexible features about Alchemy. You can use it to create amazing customizable evolutions, movements, textures… and bring incredible life to your sounds.

If you like creating sounds no one has ever heard before, you’re going to love this one…

After you finish this lesson on MSEG Modulation, you will understand:

  • 0:17 Trigger, Sync, Snap Y
  • 1:17 Loop Modes
  • 1:50 Example of Continuous loop mode
  • 2:00 Drawing your own custom modulation curves (Insane power in this!)
  • 3:44 Example of when and why to turn off Sync
  • 4:15 Edit mode options
  • 5:15 Using multiple MSEG for limitless modulation flexibility
  • 5:50 How you can use the MSEG as a sequencer
  • 7:30 Using an MSEG with an Additive waveform
  • 7:58 Using an MSEG to create a Filter Rhythm

Even the power of the MSEG is just scratching the surface.

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