SFX Bundle for NI Massive


Grab both of these popular SFX packs for NI Massive now and save big!

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The SFX bundle for NI Massive gives you every preset contained in both volumes of our wildly popular series that is used by producers and musicians all over the world. Not only does it have all the risers, sweeps, swells, blips, shifters, lifters, lasers, impacts and transition effects you hear in your favorite songs, each patch is so flexible and customizable, you’ll be using these sounds in your projects for years to come without any concern about repetition. Highly evolved and deeply programmed, but very intuitive and user-friendly–our NI Massive presets will keep you focused on making awesome music, not managing synths.

Our special sound effects series for NI Massive has enjoyed a perfect 5-star rating by customers on Loopmasters since it’s release and continues to receive brilliant feedback from all corners of the globe. Adding this collection to your sonic arsenal is like adding a professional sound designer to your team, giving you all the tricks and clever maneuvers on stage and none of the awkward social interactions at the after parties. In other words, it’s a no-brainer. Who doesn’t want killer effects in their music?!

Here’s what you get in this exclusive sound effects bundle:
SFX Vol. 1  50 presets (.nmsv file format) for NI Massive, version 1.3 and higher. Total size: 2.07MB

SFX Vol. 2  50 presets (.nmsv file format) for NI Massive, version 1.3 and higher. Total size: 2.07MB

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