SFX Vol. 1 – NI Massive Presets


Risers, sweeps, uplifters, down-shifters, impacts and a whole lot more. This set of sounds will inject instant energy and impressive sound design into your music with every patch you load.

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Get ready to experience the next level of SFX sound design. You’ll never look at NI Massive presets the same way again!

The SFX series is an exploration in the evolution of sound effect design and delivery. SFX Vol. 1 adds 50 professionally programmed NI Massive presets to your sonic arsenal that you will use again-and-again for years to come. Each patch has been masterfully programmed to provide you with the maximum number of options without adding complexity, in regards to usability. Eight fully-programmed macro controls give every preset in this collection an incredible amount of flexibility and control, right at your finger tips.

Risers, sweeps, uplifters, down-shifters, impacts and a whole lot more. This set of sounds will inject instant energy and impressive sound design into your music with every patch you load. Usually FX are designed to stand out on their own and work on their own. But the presets found in the SFX series can be layered and combined in many innovative ways to create countless unique transition and embellishment effects.

These are the sounds the people want and SoundFreqs is happy to be the sound design team to bring them to you. We’ve spent years listening to producers and fans alike and the SFX series is aimed to deliver nothing but top-shelf effects for people looking to elevate their projects without any of the hassles. Take advantage of unlimited and timeless variations by sampling and re-sampling these sounds for even more creative ammunition.

50 NI Massive Presets
.nmsv format requires Massive version 1.3 or higher
All Presets have 8 fully-programmed Macro Controls.

*All sounds heard in this demo track are from the SFX Vol. 1 preset collection for NI Massive from SoundFreqs. The sounds used are listed in order of appearance:
Haunted Spaces
AfterTouched Me
Ambient Dissonance
In The Paper
Strong Amber
Bubble n’ Grit
Grit Garden
Big Bomb Zimmer
Metallic Playground
Limited Space
Riser Generator
Dirty Bird
Seashore (again)
Pretty Epic
It Returns
Brave New World
Space Chirps
Simple Magic
Little Wings
Riser Generator (again)

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