This lesson is all about the Virtual Analog Engine inside Alchemy.

The VA Engine is one of the simpler ways to make sounds in Alchemy… but it’s still incredibly powerful. In fact, after you finish this video you will already have enough information to immediately start creating great sounds.

After you finish this Virtual Analog Engine lesson, you will understand:

  • 0:28 How to start immediately playing with the HUGE selection of VA Waves inside Alchemy
  • 0:50 The difference between the Source volume or VA Volume (lots of people get confused about this.)
  • 1:05 Symmetry knob uses
  • 2:11 Phase knob uses
  • 2:25 Sync knob uses (and how to quickly make a useful sound you’ll recognize…)
  • 3:45 How to make any sound HUGE in an instant with the Number of Oscillators knob & Detuning knob
  • 4:50 How to use the Noise Oscillator (Tip: Works great for instant energy or creative sounds.)
  • 5:33 Inspiration to get creative with different noise sources! (Sometimes, playing with JUST the noise is awesome!)

This is just scratching the surface. You won’t believe how much inspiring stuff is hiding right under your nose inside Alchemy.

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