The Ultimate Alchemy Masterclass Video Course Bundle


The Ultimate Alchemy Masterclass series teaches you about every single feature and option inside of this incredible synth and sample manipulation tool, so you can create whatever sounds you want. Widely considered to be the most advanced and flexible synth in the world, Alchemy does it all.

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“The Most Complete Alchemy Masterclass Course Ever.”

Coveted by the most popular and respected artists of our time, Alchemy is one of the most powerful plugins you can use in music production and sound design. Our special Alchemy masterclass course gives you all the information and understanding necessary to begin getting the most out of it. From sound synthesis to sample manipulation, Alchemy is all of your favorite synths rolled into one and a whole lot more!

Example videos and full details can be found here: The Ultimate Alchemy Masterclass landing page

What You’re About To Download

  • 8+ Hours of “Roll Up Your Sleeves” Masterclass Level Instruction
  • 33 Easy-to-Navigate Videos Categorized by Exactly What You’re About To Learn
  • 7 Helpful PDFs Answering Your Most Common Sound Design Questions (Waveforms, EQ Charts, Helpful Resources and more!)
  • Learn How, Why, and When to Use Every Single Button, Knob, Option and Setting in Alchemy to Create Whatever Sound You Want

– Bonus: 90+ minutes of real-life, candid sound design and sample manipulation.
One of the best ways you can learn and solidly your new knowledge is by watching an expert create right in front of you. Get ready to feel inspired when you sit down to create yourself!

1. Intro [0:42]
2. Simple View [12:37]
3. Browser View [3:22]
4. Advanced View [2:43]
5. Sources [11:11]
6. VA Synthesis [6:10]
7. AHDSR Modulation [5:45]
8. LFO Modulation [9:53]
9. MSEG Modulation [9:44]
10. Sequencer Modulation [13:32]
11. ModMap Modulation [8:13]
12. Property, Perform & Follow Modulation [18:00]
13. Filters [34:24]
14. Arpeggiator [19:42]
15. Master Voice Controls [11:00]
16. Dynamic Effects [8:26]
17. Filter Effects [15:38]
18. Modulation Effects [10:25]
19. Reverb Effects [15:07]
20. Sample Import [11:56]
21. Inspector Zone Controls [13:35]
22. Inspector Group Controls [33:22]
23. Formant Synthesis [25:22]
24. Pitch Correction [3:44]
25. Granular Synthesis [35:45]
26. Spectral Synthesis [40:52]
27. Additive Synthesis – Section 1 [23:39]
28. Additive Synthesis – Section 2 [20:54]
29. Additive Synthesis Examples [17:38]
30. X & Y Fading [6:39]
31. Morphing [33:22]
32. Practical Examples: Bass Synths[49:01]
33. Practical Examples: Drums [40:33]

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One thought on “The Ultimate Alchemy Masterclass Video Course Bundle
  1. I plan to buy this course but need to know clearly; I want to use this beautiful synth to create ambiance, FX, pads and lead sounds from my pre-recorded audio files. So, Is there advanced and detailed explanation about importing audio files to morph, manipulation and create my own sounds?


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