NI Massive EDM Bundle


Become inspired every time you open Massive. Grab Vol 1 and Vol 2 of our flexible EDM sound packs for NI Massive and save big today.

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The EDM Vol. 1 and EDM Vol. 2 preset packs for NI Massive are two of our most popular collections, and now you can get both for one low price.

Inspire your productions with this lineup of electronic leads, bass synths, pads, risers and other essential  music-making tools designed to upgrade your projects to a whole new immersive level.

Each sound has been expertly crafted and deeply programmed for ultimate flexibility and ease-of-use. With 100 nearly limitless presets, you will enjoy using them again-and-again in your projects, for many years to come. You’ll never have to worry about these timeless sounds becoming boring or repetitive. Each patch has 8 highly-dynamic Macro Controls that you can use to customize, tweak, morph and transform your sound in intuitive, captivating ways! (This means that every one of these patches is almost like a sound pack in itself.)

Inside you’ll find:
-Truly unique and impressive new instruments and effects.
-Modern versions of classic and timeless sounds that span many different electronic genres.
-Incredibly flexible presets that will keep you inspired for years to come. (Tweak one knob and just watch what happens…)

This makes it easier for you to make great music, regardless of what genre, sub-genre or fusion of genres you may happen to be producing. So go ahead, mix that huge anthemic supersaw with the acid bass. Why not try using a gated techno topper with a dreamy chord patch while you’re at it?!

This EDM series for NI Massive was created with modern producers in mind. If you want to create new sounds inspired from yesterday, today, tomorrow, or 2050, you’re going to love this pack.

We focused on delivering the highest quality sounds that you can use in the widest range of electronic music, without any kind of “expiration date.”

We believe that artists should be focused on their art, not managing the tools used to make it. We take great pride in providing you with the most impressive, immersive and relevant sounds possible, while making sure they are intuitive and easy to use. We hope you enjoy playing with them as much as we enjoyed making them!

Here’s what you’re about to download in the EDM Bundle:
EDM Vol. 1  50 inspiring, flexible & future-proof presets (.nmsv file format) for NI Massive, version 1.3 and higher. Total size: 2.03MB

EDM Vol. 2  50 inspiring, flexible & future-proof presets (.nmsv file format) for NI Massive, version 1.3 and higher. Total size: 2.03MB

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