Dark – Cinematic Quality Drones, Atmospheres & Soundscapes


ALL sounds in demo are in the sample pack. NO other sounds were used. NO effects of any kind were used in the production of the demo.

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The Dark Collection

The Dark collection from SoundFreqs is a deep and diverse world of more than 400 immersive drones, atmospheres, textures and soundscapes. Most of these hauntingly beautiful samples are at least 30 seconds long, providing you with near limitless application options.

Use these impressive cinematic quality sounds to add instant impact and tension to music, movies, video games and other creative projects. Bring your work to life while truly captivating your audience by setting the right mood and evoking specific emotions.

Each sample was uniquely designed to work well with modern processing and manipulation techniques to provide you with ultimate flexibility and total control, however you choose to use them.

In addition to being simple drag-and-drop solutions, each sound in the Dark collection can stand on its own without any need for special editing tools or effects. But they also handle advanced warping and effects layering techniques.

Transform a scene, alter perception and elicit responses in an instant. Consequently, the Dark collection will quickly become your favorite resource for easy-to-use emotive audio.

Once you get started using the sounds in the Dark collection, you may want to check out our Ultimate Alchemy Masterclass Course and take them to a whole new level of awesome! Alchemy and Dark are an unstoppable duo for anyone scoring films, video games or producing immersive music of any kind. You’ll find yourself using the same sounds in many different ways once you unlock their unique potential for evolution.

We hope you enjoy using these sounds as much as enjoyed making them! Please consider leaving us a review to let us know what you think of our biggest sample collection yet!

Technical Details:

Total Samples: 403
Audio Format: .wav
Bits per sample: 16 Bit
Sample rate: 44,100
Total Size: 2.32GB

Category breakdown:

Simple – 115
Complex – 131
Experimental – 157

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